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What are the best PS2 games not available on later consoles?


I have a PS2 with no games whatsoever. It’s been lying around for over a decade with almost no use other than an occasional PS1 game. Now that I want to actually use my PS2, but I own a PSP, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii, 3DS, DS and older consoles which don’t matter in this case. What are the best games on PS2 that I can’t play to any extent on these consoles? Almost every game I’ve seen is available on PS3 as a classic or HD remaster.


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  1. Resident Evil Outbreak file 1 & 2 isn’t available, I think.

    Silent Hill 4: The Room & SH: Origins

    Tho Silent Hill 2&3 does have a HD version on the PS3, but everybody still preferred the PS2 version due to the fact that the voice sounds better and besides the slight smoother graphics and stuffs, there’s really nothing much to it.

    A lot of my favorite games on the PS2 console had already been released onto the PS3 in the past, and most recently, the FFX/X-2, so that doesn’t count as one of your possible choices.

  2. there are a lot of good ps2 games that have not come to psn as ps2 classics yet or been remade as hd versions for ps3 but a lot have been remade or some to psn such as gta vice city and shadow of the colossus , if and when whatever game companies that own other ps2 games decides to spend the time and money to recode their ps2 games for psn or remake them as hd versions they will but there’s no way to know when or what games will be available until they are available. its not like activision or ea makes huge announcements months in advance about re-releasing older games most of the time

    the next big ps2 game that’s coming for ps3 will be the remastered kingdom hearts 2,5 remix and that’s one a ton of people are looking forward too , I;ve already pre ordered to get the upgrade to the special edition free and can’t wait. there are also the ps4 versions of ratchet and clank remastered and oddworld new and tasty which includes two oddworld games.

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