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UPS Xbox 360 Tracking Number Activation?


I was just wondering how long it takes for a tracking number to activate on the UPS website.

I have rang xbox up because it said that my console was being shipped back and I wanted a tracking number.

When I enter the tracking number into the UPS website it says that it is invalid. Does it take 24 hours or something to activate.

Thanks for your help.

Oh, this will be my seventh console when it returns. Any ideas if they will give me something better than a one month gold subscription card 😀

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  1. When I order games from Gamestop, I usually get the tracking number from GS and when I put it into UPS’s site, it usually doesn’t show up until around noon or later afternoon, something even in the evening. There’s several hours of turnaround time between UPS picking up the package, scanning it, and then showing up online.

    You should check around 3 pm or so, and it should be on UPS site.

    You’ve had to return it 7 times? Wow.

    You won’t get anything better than the 1 month gold subscription.

  2. UPS won’t have the tracking number available until the company sends it to them. They can print out the label and send the number to you immediately, but it won’t show up on the UPS site until the item is picked up and/or the billing info is sent to UPS. Sometimes there is as much as a 24-36 hr difference in those times, especially with larger companies.

    With the weekend approaching, your wait may be agonizingly longer.

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