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Updating web browser on PS3?


When I open the browser there is a huge box over half of the screen that says “Do you know your browser is out of date?” It gives links to the following browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. It won’t let me close it and I don’t think the PS3 supports any of those browsers. I have tried downloading Opera but when I saved the file to my SD card, it won’t let me open it. I am trying to watch a movie on my MegaVideo account. Does anyone know what else I can do besides give up? Thanks.

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  1. Give it up. The PS3’s browser is outdated and Sony has no intention of updating the web browser. Its been the same browser since the PS3 was released in 2006, so yes is out of date five years later.

    If you want to watch movies on the PS3 I suggest Netflix for PS3, Vudu for PS3 (available in the PS Store), or use the PS Store Video Store (at the top left of the store there are two options, Game and Video store, select Video to view movies and tv series.) If you want to use your MegaVideo account, use a PC/laptop.

  2. ignore the message, ps3 cannot be updated to any of your listed browers unless you jailbreak and use an external storage device with a compatible operating system.

    my browsser has no problem viewing megavideo.

    just to wait for sony to update the browser.

    sorry guess i should have looked first. try this site to get entry to megavideo

    [url is not allowed]

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