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SO I just bought an Xbox 360 slim and should I buy Call of duty Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2?


I want to buy a call of duty game but just 1 right now so I can really concentrate on it with xbox live. Which is more fun, has better multiplayer, and better story mode. Thanks

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  1. modern warfare 2 because it has a better storyline and multiplayer is better fun to play whereas black ops is only good for zombies. modern warfare 3 is proberly worth waiting for with a better co-op mode and better guns but defiantly modern warfare 2.

  2. If I were you I would wait until Modern Warfare 3 comes out

    sometime in November. They just released the teaser trailer

    for Modern Warfare 3 its only about 38 seconds long and it

    doesn’t really show what its about yet.

    But if you don’t want to wait until November I would get Black

    Ops because it will have more people on it when Modern Warfare

    3 comes out. Its also really fun you can play the Campaign which

    had a really good story mode. Zombies which if you get tired of

    playing the Campaign and Multiplayer is really fun to play especially

    with other people. The multiplayer is also really good. They kind of

    screwed up on some things but its still really fun. MW2 is really fun

    too though.

  3. Get Black Ops, theres more people online than Modern Warfare 2, but Modern warfare is better at gameplay but theres less people online that black ops

  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game is waaaaay overrated. Whats with the blood splattering on the screen and gunfire coming from everywhere in every single fight. They try to say its realistic but they went way over the top on a lot of stuff. The graphics are pretty pathetic too. These guys just put the same game out with a couple added uncontrollable scenes like scuba diving and say its better. This game is purely annoying.

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