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Should I preorder PS3 games (see details)?


If I preorder, do I have to pick up the game on the first day of release. For example, Little Big Planet on Oct. 21, 2008 and Resistance 2 on Nov. 4, 2008?

Does anyone know if I can still get the bonus preorder items from Little Big Planet (the sackboy costumes) if I do not preorder the game? Will the sackboy costumes be available for download on the PlayStation Store?

I am asking because I might get in to serious trouble, like getting hit by a car or something. I never preordered a game before. The EB Games store that I go to usually has a lot of copies of the new releases.

P.S. Xbots, please do not tell me to get a Xbox 360 instead.

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  1. yh definatly preorder, most stores open up at mid night to sell preordered games, so best go down and get ur copie, yeah you will get the costumes, but resistance is going to rule, add me online pls


    thnx dude

    message me on there

  2. If you pre-order LBP it comes with the exclusive costumes. They will not be available as a PS Store download, but there will be other costume downloads. You do not have to pick it up on release. Pre-ordering means to reserve a copy of the game.

    Definately pre-order.

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