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Should I get the PS4 or keep the PS3?


So I am saving my money for something else but I have been thinking about getting the PS4 as well when it comes out. I currently have a PS3 and don’t know if it will be worth it. If anyone could list the differences or give their opinion on the situation that would be great, thanks.
It’s not that I am going to sell my PS3 I just don’t know if I want to spend my money on the PS4 or the other thing I was planning on buying so I wanted to know if it was really worth it to upgrade to the PS4

or just keep the PS3.

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  1. KEEP your ps3, it will still be supported for three years and there are better things to buy with your money. and after a while the prices should drop a little so you spend less.

  2. Depends on how old you are.

    I got my ps3 in like grade 11. I played it A LOT. I loved it. Cod was my life. Played it through out summer of grade 11, played it sometimes in grade 12 (no time to play, so much hmwk). Now I am in Uni and just use it to watch netflix when I want to relax. I realized when you have work, and homework, and money to make, you will always be tired. SO if you are not in uni, or if you feel like you DO have a lot of time on your hands for gaming, AND if you do not have any important expenses to use the money for.i am sure you do though. Buy the ps4. But if you think you will be busy, screw the 4, make money niggaaaa.

  3. both? why sell the ps3 just because you have a ps4? the ps4 can’t play your ps3 games and will not have many games for the first year or two so you can play both ps3 and ps4 games if you keep the ps3.

    any games or dlc you have bought will not be usable on the ps3 either , so unless you plan on only playing ps4 games and have never bought a psn game or add-on keep the ps3

    the differences are huge , ps4 will be a lot better hardware and have features like the ability to upload your game play video instantly and a lot of other social apps , but it won’t have a lot of games for a while

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