Home Xbox Forum Rumor: Xbox 540 (360 slim) in 2009? is it true?

Rumor: Xbox 540 (360 slim) in 2009? is it true?


i read this in joystiq.com. what do you think? price drop also?

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  1. No this is not true and that would be impossible the slim would crash every second u turn it on since it wud be too small and could not fit all of the features and the fat one allredy over heats and also price drop yes on elite 399 to 299 i dont know when but they are discontinuing PRO hope i get best answer!!

  2. Sure, why not. MS has been copying Sony since the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprise if there’s a slim 360 before Sept. 1st.

  3. it dosent seem prob le my xbox got every thin i wanted amd more theres 3 types why a fourth mabey butt probly not

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