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rockband (the game) question?


well I am looking to buy rockband for the ps3 and when I look at the details it says “Comes with guitar controller, drum controller, microphone and game software” but my friend wants to play bass as I play lead guitar as we play in or real band. But is does not say anything about a bass. Does it some with a bass controller? Or do I have to buy one on it’s own?

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  1. if you want to play lead and he wants to play bass then you need to buy an extra guitar from gamestop or sometheing because it only comes with one guitar and it is universal for lead and bass.

  2. I own rockband on ps3, they currently do not sell individual guitars and recent threats of lawsuits have stopped the patch that allow the guitar hero guitars to work with rock band. In order for you 2 have 2 guitars to play at the same time right now, you would need to purchase rockband twice.

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