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PS3 Online Connection?


I use the wire connection and i’m tired of disconnected my internet from my pc to go online for the ps3. So is there a way i can use both wired? or should i just get a wireless router for it? i just really don’t wanna spend 100 on some router just for the ps3. So if i should get the router just anyone know any good ones to use for the ps3 thats cheap?

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  1. Well I know what you mean. I didn’t have online on my PS3 for a long time and now just recently, I got it by spending some cold hard cash on a wireless router. A wireless router will be good for you to go online on your PS3 and PC at the same time.

  2. they also have routers that aren’t wireless but i guess they’re pretty hard to find now.

    if you get a wireless router you can just use it as a wired router. and set it up as a switch so you dont’ ever have to unplug the cables.

  3. you can get a suitable linksys wireless router for under $50 at Best Buy or Walmart. I use a linksys and have the router near my ps3 and connect via ethernet and then use my laptop to connect wirelessly from throughout the house. Very easy to setup.

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