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Open Tray Error – Xbox 360. Solutions?


I’ve tried the YouTube video methods, the smash the * out of the top of the xbox, pull the disc out and ram the drive shut to reset it and various other googles that arent worth mentioning.

I don’t want to open up my xbox as it voids the warranty, they said give about 2 weeks for collection but frankly I can’t go as long without playing atleast once, don’t call me a nerd or what not, it’s really the only ‘me’ time that I get.

So I put to you, any methods for getting a game to work with the open tray error that are non obtrusive?

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  1. You can take the face plate off of your xbox 360 and this should fix the problem (your 360 may look a bit strange but new ones are dirt cheap compared to games and this should fix your problem unless the disc reader lens is broken in which you should take it back to where you got it and get it refurbished if the 3 year warranty hasn’t ran out in which a refurbishment is free.

  2. dont want to start a debate war but.

    serves you right for not buying a ps3.

    but i think you would have to wait

  3. I guess your talking about the error when you put a disc in but it won’t let you play it, it just says ‘Open Tray’?

    The lens inside your disc drive is most likely broken so if you want to repair it yourself and void warranty then it may just be a matter of replacing the lens. But if your lucky, like me sometimes when I send off my Xbox I get it sent and back within a week.

    (Oh and typical PS3 fanboy nerd above me)

  4. Well at least you are trying to fix it yourself. Microsoft wants at least 100 bucks to fix 360’s plus you have to wait a while to get it back from them. If you want to a better guide then check out the site in my source. Much more detailed than the youtube method! I hope this helps!

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