Home Xbox Forum neep help connecting laptop to xbox live?

neep help connecting laptop to xbox live?


im using my neighbors internet and everytime i connect it says that the ip addresses conflict with another system on the network.

what can i do?

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  1. Seems like your laptop is configured with a static IP address. Is the error occurring when u switch on your laptop or xbox? If its on your laptop/Xbox just change the IP address to another address in the same IP range. Turn off the firewall on your local area connection.

    To allow your xbox to connect through your laptop onto the internet you need to enable internet connection sharing on your laptop. if your ip address is configured on your laptop, you must configure the rest of your network settings. Enter the sub net mask, the default gateway is the IP address of th router. Now enter the Primary and secondary DNS addresses. To locate these addresses go to start, run type cmd and hit enter. at the command prompt type: ipconfig /all and hit enter.

    Locate the DNS addresses and write them down. Enter them in your network connection properties. now you need to configure your xbox.

    In your settings,go to network settings and then edit settings.

    In your IP settings choose manual. Choose an IP in the same range as your laptop and your neighbors router. enter the same subnet as the 1 on your laptop. The default gateway will be the IP of your laptop.

    Save and exit. Now edit the DNS addresses. Just enter the 2 DNS addresses as you did on your laptop. Save and test xbox live.

  2. Honestly I could tell you but your illegally accessing the router. If you had access to their router you would have to set it so that the xbox is set to a different IP. Otherwise you cant do anything and your gunna have to get your own. sorry.

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