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Need to be motivated (Ps3)?


I used to play ps3 a lot with games like assassins creed, skyrim, grand theft auto ect. But lately I can’t be bothered to play!

I know its sad but some new games are coming out like:

Assasins creed 3


The new Halo (forgot the name)

The new grand theft auto (don’t know the name)

And the new COD (again, forgot the name)

Need to be motivated to play them before there outta fashion lol. How to get motivated

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  1. i get like this sometimes, but its normally due to the fact i have so many games n choosing 1 to play is off-putting n it aint like i can play them all at once, lol.

    lol @ forgetting names, Halo 4, GTA V, COD BO2, not much to remember

    u can try:

    taking a break, dnt go on the console 4 a while, when u start missing it u will b motivated, lol, or u could try buying the game, it will force u to play or u will think u wasted ur money, also try getting games that are offline co-op n have friends over to go through them with u, it might help.

    BTW Halo is not on PS3

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