Home Xbox Forum my xbox tray wont read my games!?

my xbox tray wont read my games!?


ok so here is the deal. i have to old white xbox and it is modded to were it reads and plays burned games. i was playing black ops for 3 past 3 days and i finally get enough money for the Resurrection map pack i pop in black ops and it says play DVD. i tried it a few more times and it kept saying that. i then put in halo reach which i have been playing for a good 2 months and it also says the same thing. i then get mad and decided to put in a game that he had burned for me and it runs fine. i then go back to black ops and play DVD pops up again. i turned of the xbox and just decided to let it sit for a few hours before trying again. anbody have any ideas on how it will read my disk?

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  1. well this happened to me there is possibly a scratch around the disc and i wiped my disc with soap and water and it worked fine after that hope this helped 🙂

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