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My xbox 360 has one red light, is this the same as tyhe red ring of death?


If so.help!

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  1. no it is not the red ring of death is an indication of a problem with the device I advise you to do to xbox.com and look up the different meanings of the different quadrants lighting up. Most likely it is over heating or one of the wires aren’t d in. Just check the different meanings then fix the problem

  2. Not necessarily. You could check [url is not allowed] for information about what it means when certain quadrants on the 360 light up.

    But don’t worry too much. It takes 3 to be deemed a RROD.

  3. No. Red ring of death is when 3 out of the 4 quadrants are lit up. 1 red light means it’s a general hardware failure. You can tell what type of failure it is by figuring out the error code.

    [url is not allowed].

  4. Yez Itz At Da First Step.If It Getz Tu Da Fourth Step Itz DEAD

    So Mi Advice Is Not Tu Use It && Send It Tu Microsoft && Let Dum Fix It.But It Will Take 2-3 Weekz Fo Yu Tu Get It Bak

  5. well im not an xbox expert but i remember something happened to my brothers xbox and it had to get fix because the on button was red when he tried to turn it on.

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