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My PS3 keeps turning off by itself.?


I turn it on and it shuts off in around 5-30 minutes, it does this every time its on. And there’s no light or anything after it turns off, I have to unplug the power cord and plug it back in to just turn it back on. I already sent it in to get repaired and they said nothing was wrong with it and they did nothing to it. I tried 3 different power cords and 6 different outlets, I have no idea what to do, its not YLOD and there’s no red screen. And the repair place said nothings wrong with it. I’ve tried everything, I’ve restored the file system, rebuilt the database, restarted it from recovery mode, updated the firmware to the latest, what should I do. Somebody please help me, I’m probably going to get a new one, but I guarantee you my broken one will shut off mid data transfer and then I’ll be more f*.

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  1. Could have corrupted files. Go on YouTube and look up How to fix PS3 game. And it should be for fixing Blu-ray. But it might work. If you have to reset your system. You can save it on a stick drive and reset it and redownload all memory back on it. But even if you get a new one you’ll lose the memory so might as well reset it if it doesn’t work with the first couple steps

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