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my bf is getting an xbox and possibly COD. what should i add to that?


im pretty sure hes getting black ops call of duty. if he doesnt im deff getting him that as a christmas present. if he does what else should i give him? is there something i can add to that? i saw at best buy this card for 2 months black ops live. is live worth it? should i get that for him?
i meant 12 MONTHS

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  1. Well Black ops live, i think you mean its Xbox Live, in which he could play online. If he doesnt have that already, he would really enjoy that. And im not sure how much u want to spend, but i bet he would enjoy some gaming headphones (if he has the online), they are called Turtle Beach x11 they run about $50-$60. Good luck!

  2. An xbox live subscription is a good idea. I have found they are usually slightly cheaper ordering online from newegg.com than buying in Best Buy or Gamestop.

    Here are some other ideas:

    Halo Reach

    A second controller (you can play with him!)

    Xbox points he can use to buy arcade games and expansions (there will eventually be Black Ops map packs he can use them on)

  3. Yes get the live card if he doesnt buy cod himself. Also maybe throw in a wireless controller or something for extra pizaz!!

  4. If your gonna get him live you need to know how to set it up and stuff so you should talk with someone from bestbuy about an either wired or wireless connection. I would say xbox live is definatly worth it and he would love the xbox.

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