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Lost XBOX achievement points help?



So basically I haven’t played on my XBOX for a while about 6 months.

I was playing games online and offline and obviously my gammerscore got updated to the XBOX website. SInce then I carried on playing games like Red Dead Redemption offline and then stopped playing for 6 months.

But in that time I managed to achieve a lot more points, I then went back on this week and went on XBOX live, but it has taken them points of me and given me the same gammerpoints i had the last time I went on XBOX LIVE (6 months ago)

So Although I still have the same games Saves I currently have no gammerpoints for it, So I have basically nearly completed RED DEAD REDEMPTION yet have no gammerpoints for it, same applies for some other games.

Is there anything I can do to get them back?

I fear the worst.

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  1. There is no way to get the achievement pts back except consulting the Xbox service about this situation.

    Good luck!

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