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Is PS3 going to come out with a Killzone 2 special edition?


Ok so I’m wanting to get a ps3 before christmas but I love Killzone, and the sequel is coming out Feb 09. I wanted to buy the $400 80 gig ps3 this week but I saw a Metal Gear Solid 4 pack right next to it and thought:

“Hey they might just make a Killzone 2 special edition! I can wait 3 more months.” the only problem is that I’ve not heard or even seen anything like this in the works!

So does someone out there with more saavy info going to tell me to wait or should I splurge on myself and sit dumfounded xmas day baking in the glow of techno blood and violence? Again I’ve not heard that they are going to do anything of the like I am just “hoping” that they will.

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  1. not sure about a bundle but just wait something may come up or it may be in one of those wal mart bundles just wait for further info

  2. No they are not going to anything for Killzone 2. Killzone 2 might have a collector’s edition priced at $79.99(for the fans). Metal Gear Solid 4 was a huge hit and Sony knew PS3 sales were going to increase because of it so they made a MGS 4 bundle. Now they have a Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune bundle where the PS3 has 160gb so I think you should get the Uncharted bundle since it includes the game a 160gb PS3 which is a lot and a PAIN game. And I also cant wait till Killzone 2.

    Be sure to get ready to die online!

  3. i dont think they will the last one was uncharted and i dont think there will be another one untill maybe spring 09

  4. i doubt it! if so they would have announced it but they never did! just get it now and buy k2 wen it drops!

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