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Is NFS RUN worth buying?


i own nfs hot pursuit 2010,so i liked the trailer of nfs run ,so is it worth buying?is it as good as hotpursuit.also which version to get pc or ps3.

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  1. Sadly no. NFS The Run is more worth renting. After Spending more time playing the game, I Believe it’s A true victim of it’s own hype. Let’s start where the first mention of this game did. The engine. Using DICE’s brand new Frostbite 2 engine I expected great things from this game just in the looks department if nothing else and I just didn’t get it. The game looked no different to any other NFS game this gen and after an hour of playing it felt like the engine was designed around the use of pointless Quick Time Events and the ability to look pretty if you are looking at nothing but the environment.

    The HUD disappears behind the beautiful lighting effects so often that when I’m, for example, trying to stay ahead of one opponent, I can’t actually see the split timer on the HUD to see how far ahead I am! The checkpoint/rewind feature is an interesting idea, but the events that can trigger it are so inconsistent in how they are forced upon you that you are pulled out of the driving experience worrying that the slightest slip might cause you to watch the rewind screen for several painful seconds waiting to get back into the race.

    The car select is rediculous.

    Early on, you are forced into a time trial through a long dusty desert back road

    -You know, I should mention, with all my complaining, that different road types and enviromental factors do contribute to the handling of the car in a very realistic way (as much as the cars don’t handle realistically) -right, desert back road.

    Problem is, there is no way for me to change my car from the rear wheel drive Mustang that I chose at the start, to a 4 wheel drive car that I needed for what was essentially a rally! That was badly thought out in my opinion. In fact, you don’t have a single opportunity to change my vehicle until two races later! following on from Hot Pursuit, and it being BlackBox, I was hoping for a bit of a special game when it was first announced.

    But, in my humble opinion, the only thing that BlackBox managed to do with this game, was make the beautiful Frostbite engine look decent than I thought would be possible and prove that they are washed up as a Need for Speed developer. time to take series in new direction. Buy This Game when you see it for cheap price

  2. i havent played it but i will say you should rent it first. it could be that your paying 5-8 extra bucks but really they are 60 70 dollar games now. so as fast as i beat games in only 3-4 days i think renting is better. i feel like its a waste to play a game again if i have beaten it unless it is like gta4 or something like that open world you can find stuff to do. i also suggest getting it for ps3 if you buy it just because ps3 will always play your game smoothly and pc’s need updated all the time so if u had that game around in couple years and just wanted to pop it in then it is not going to run as good especially with the extra bloat you get on pc’s in that time

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