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Is Buying the PS3 Infamous 2 Bundle worth it?


I have an Xbox 360, i like it, but i feel that the ps3 is tempting, especially this deal. $299, Blue ray infamous 2 game, some 30 day voucher thing which i dont understand (also please explain), and a 360 GB ps3, the new one. Let me know what you think if youve gone from 360 to ps3. Thanks

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  1. Infamous 2 is cleverly interconnected. If you neglect side quests, the city will be less safe (making the game more difficult) and you’ll have fewer skills to purchase. Neglecting to collect Blast Shards gives Cole less electricity to work with. Ignoring Dead Drops will keep the story darker and more nebulous. And refusing to work with UGC not only forces you to miss out on easy Trophies but also removes a welcome community feel to Infamous 2 that the original lacked.

  2. I used to play xbox but I did switch! It’s a good deal, if u look @ this way for $50 more u get 160gbs more & infamous 2. The other option is $50 less & no game. Either is a good choice! I wasnt a big halo or gow fan. & those r really the only xbox exclusives, plus not having to pay for online & the controller fits my hands better! The only thing lacking is no party chat but that’s it! U really would never use 320gbs up but what the hell. Oh & the 30 day free thing is ps plus & what that is, u get access to beta (like right now ps plus users can play resistance 3 beta), demos, full game trials, save games to a cloud service, & a option to have ur ps3 turn on while ur away or asleep to download updates to ps3 & it turns itself off when its done! I would switch imo!

  3. I have the slim ps3 (120gb) and boy did make a bad choice by not waiting for any bundles to come out, i bought it for around $316 dollar with no games included. If i were you id go for the bundle especially cause infamous 2 is pretty good from the demo i played, and cause of the memory space. The 30 day voucher is for PSN PLUS a new service from sony that allows you to get exclusive game prices, demos, free add-ons, and a bunch of other stuff, its worth it except for if u cancel or your subscription runs out all the games that u have with PSN PLUS will no longer work as iv’e read from the PSN store, other than that go for it man it totally worth it.

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