Home Playstation Forum In my getting Blu-ray picture or just Hi-Def picture?

In my getting Blu-ray picture or just Hi-Def picture?


Hi I have 38” Philips HDTV/LCD with 768P & my Playstation 3 with (40gb). I am also using (Philips HDMI-To-HDMI) cable to connect my HDTV & PS3 together for better picture & sound. I set my Playstation 3 to 720P instead of 1080i because, 720P is better. When I play “Planet Earth” on Blu-ray format, well.I have a good eye & I am not like “wow this is amazing”. Is it because I do not have 1080P resolution?

In my doing something wrong?

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  1. 720P is the low rent version of high definition but the only resolution your HDTV will support since it will only handle up to 768. 1080i is superior to 720P and 1080P is superior to 1080i. You should look at another movie, such as the Spiderman 3 disc that comes with the 40 Gig PS3, and you will see a great picture.

  2. Yes,blu-ray is 1080p.Your not getting true blu-ray in 720p,you need to have a tv capable of 1080p as well.

  3. Actually a 768p tv cant really play 1080i anyways, it just accepts a 1080i signal and converts it down to 720. I have planet earth on blu ray and i have watched it on my 1080p tv. It is actually pretty “grainy” and “pixelated” looking even in 1080p in some parts because of how far the cameras are zooming in. Try watching another new blu ray and i bet the picture wont be as grainy. And i think the picture looks slightly better when you turn the contrast up a little and turn the brightness down just a bit.

  4. Your connection is fine. Try switching to 1080i and like the others said, try switching to another Blu Ray movie. Also, have you calibrated your TV? A good calibration can change the picture a lot and make your viewing experience much better.

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