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I upgraded my hard drive on my PS3 and it says the PS3 cannot run correctly?


It says “the system cannot be restarted, the system partition of the hard disk must be reformatted and you must reinstall the system software. Connect storage media that contains update data of version 3.56 or later, and then press start and select at the same time.” What does that mean? How do I update it if I can’t get past this screen?

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  1. You need to download the latest PS3 update onto your computer & then, either using an external hard drive or your computer. Then you need to connect it to your PS3 – it should see the update & install it & then your new hard drive will work.

    Watch this video – it explains all the steps necessary to replace your hard drive. (I used it and had no trouble)

    [url is not allowed].

    Not sure if it’ll fit on a USB drive, download it to your computer & use a USB cable if it doesn’t

    Here’s the link to the software – about half way down, right hand side.

    [url is not allowed]

    You need to save the software in a file called (I think) PS3 update (check the video)

  2. If you mean you changed harddrives then like the other person said, You need to get the update on a flash drive. But this didnt work for me. It tells me that my update is corrupted. I used the same update on my ps3 that was on 3.55. It updated fine to v3.56. BUT if i try using it on my ps3 that was on 3.56 and has a new harddrive that gives me this message. “press start and select at the same time” yada yada. It say, like i said before, that my update is corrupt.

    And to follow up on the other persons answer. To put the update on a flash drive and for it to work successfully. You need to make a folder inside the flash drive titled “PS3” and inside the PS3 folder, make yet another newfolder and title this one “UPDATE” please note, it must be in ALL CAPS or it wont work.

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