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I sold my ps3 and now i want another one. How can i stop myself from selling this one?


Well a long time ago i got an xbox 360. I got bored of it after a few months so i sold it. Then i started wanting another one and regretted selling it so i got a ps3 instead. I had that for awhile, but thought that i wouldn’t have time for it with school so i sold that ps3. then eventually i regretted selling the ps3 and got another one. Then i eventually sold that ps3 cause i thought i would put my focus into music more. Now i regret selling my ps3 for the second time cause i want another one. I have a really really bad habit of buying and selling consoles just cause i start getting bored with them. I might buy a ps3 tommorow, but i really need help to stop me from selling my ps3 this time. I also got a psp, but sold it, then got another one. How do you classify this problem and do alot of other people do it?

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  1. This isn’t video game problem this is a psychiatric condition. Something I’m sure is tied to other issues like your short attention span. I’m sure your probably doing this with other items in your home. As long it isn’t having a major affect on your life (paying your bills. Raising your kids. Going to work/school) I wouldn’t worry to much about it but I’m sure u gotta realize how much money your wasting since your never gonna get equal value for the ps3 that you buy versus the one you sell.

  2. everybody gets bored of a certain thing, but that doesnt mean u have to sell it. u noticed that u wanted the ps3 again right, well if u ever do buy it n get bored with it dont sell it because that cost more of ur money n ull probably want it again and just keep it until u r in the mood again, trust me on this plz because i left alone red dead redemption for about a month n played call of duty, a month later i was in the mood to play it again then i played that game for an entire month because i thought it was so fun at the time. when or if u do buy the ps3 n get bored with it do not sell it because ull be in the mood for it later (maybe).

  3. That’s really funny lol. I do the same thing with games; buy it, play it, sell it and then a couple weeks later buy it again.

    In your case I think you have to avoid getting bored with it in the first place. Maybe don’t play it to much and definitely have days off from gaming. This way you won’t get bored.

    Also, check out some Starhawk trailers.

  4. All i see is an idiot. Buy it or leave it,stop selling/buying like 50 times. Deal with ur life and buy the damn console. And u dont have to sell ur PS3 to do *,just do them. Are u addicted so u cant be in same room without playing it? Idiot.

  5. Sounds like a you have a habit that bites you in the butt a good amount of time after purchasing called buyers remorse. Dont let it distract you from priorities or responsibilitys. I get bored with my consoles then end up picking them back up and playing them again months down the road. Only buy games you know will interest you so you dont want to sell it. If you decide you want to get rid of it again give it to your rents or friend you trust to hold onto it until you want it again.

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