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i need a good ps3 RPG?



i have just completed crysis 2 (which is awesome btw) so i have just had a good fill of FPS now i feel i need some RPG. i have red dead redemption and mass effect 2 which are both good but i fancy maybe a fantasy genre.

i have been looking into deamon souls but it looks really hard and a bit dark and gloomy, not much light in gameplay.

so any suggestions?

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  1. Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition

    Has Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age Origins- Awakening Expansion Pack, and All Nine DLC Packs

  2. white knight chronicles. is a awesome game and it has online gaming you can build towns and invite your friends to play at your town and all.[url is not allowed]

  3. I don’t play Final Fantasy, but if you’re really looking for an RPG it is amazing that you haven’t considered that especially since they are all only for playsation (except for some handhelds).

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