Home Playstation Forum I just got a PS3,I got a Question?

I just got a PS3,I got a Question?


How do I hook up for on line gaming? Do I take the cable from my computer and just hook it up? And also If we are all playing the same game, do I need to own the game we are playing also? Or is there just one server with the game?

Thank you for help

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  1. take a long wire and stick on the back of the ps3 what do u mean just becuase i have the game and my friend doesnt mean he can play it also that would be stupid how do u make money then every game as something different every serever is differnent 1 eg quake wars u join the server which one u want like reistance and warhawk and like ornage box but cod5 cod4 u just press the game u want to play and it takes u to play with one of the million of people in the world to play with

  2. Hook the ethernet cable in the back of the ps3 and into the router or modem or whatever, then on the cross media bar on the ps3 on the right sign up for an account,

    what do u mean the second question confuses me =/

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