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How Sony can reduce PS3 production costs?


How Sony can lower PS3 production costs? I’m just wondering. IMHO, they can get rid of wi-fi (it’s good to have it, but you can live without it, wired is better anyway), reduce some expenditures such as zillion dollar wages for it’s top managers, release PSN cards in PAL regions (that’ll give them a lot of $), cheaper plastics and constant work on production line, raw materials and technologies themselves. What do you think? Any ideas? Just curious. Thanx!

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  1. No,wifi should never be taken out,it’s far easier to use and more user friendly than wired connection,and they shouldn’t also take out the blu-ray drive,I mean that’s PS3’s main strong point,as for the rest,I think too they should sell PSN cards in PAL regions and use 45nm or 32nm chips to reduce costs,and also try to slim down the PS3 a bit,that would save alot of plastic and materials,meaning less costs,and I also suggest phasing out that stupid 250$ PSP GO,that’s more than half the price of a PS3!!what the hell was Sony thinking when they made it?I seriously suggest that Sony stops getting complacent about their marketing and production tactics.

  2. No.no no taking wifi out would just be stupid. Stupid STUPID. My computer is half across the house and my PS3 is in my room, like hell im gona stretch that much cord to my room. It may be a tad bit better and a little faster. But going through that much hassle for just a little bit more speed isn’t worth it.

    I seriously think they should take out the damn Blue Ray. I find it a little pointless IMO. I guess it’s because I just don’t watch Blue Rays, regular DVD’s are fine with me. But taking out the wifi? No, Wifi is the way of the future now.

  3. I really hope it doesn’t get rid of wireless. It’s the way of the future, and much less complicated than a wired setup (and is only a tad slower). Other than that, the build quality is far superior to Xbox, plays blue-rays, and looks like a more expensive machine than it really is. It’s not that expensive for what it provides. I actually remember reading an article which said that Sony was actually losing money because it was pricing the Play-station so inexpensively (but I read that a while ago). Constant work on production line will not solve the problem (like you said, it’s the plastics, not the production).

  4. Creating Models without WIFI and blue-ray (But keep existing Models in production) ditch the hard drive ( I like memory cards better, but space is an issue. or bring back 20 gb and 40gb ) And a smaller PS3 would use less plastic. ( i think )

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