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How NOT to die in COD: Black Ops?


I’m alright at this game (on Xbox) but I really can’t stay alive. I kill my fair share, but I see people who kill 20-30 and die maybe 3-4 times. How the hell do they do it? Whats the secret to actually staying alive? I’ve tried sprinting round like a madman, and I get caught out, I’ve tried camping but all the losers know where all the good spots are, and I’ve tried being clever and peeping round corners and stuff a I keep getting shot in the back! Is it just luck? Or is there a certain perk I should be using? Also, any tips on killing too would be appreciated.like I said, i’m only ‘alright’ at it!

And for the record, I’d like to say that.If COD is such a good and clever game, why doesn’t it actually put you in a game with people of a similar skill level, instead of just putting me with a load on triple prestige’s and I get fed up of it!?


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  1. The secret to those huge kill death ratios are the following

    Attack Dogs

    Helicopters, especially the ones that they get to control. My best kill ratio ever was like 21 to 3, and I normally have about a 1 to 1.4 kill to death ratio. I got this by opening a care package that was a helicopter, and I dropped like 15 people or so before it ran out.

    I think the vehicles in this game are a joke, and they serve to do nothing but give a team that is already ahead, a boost that is often unsurmountable. I miss the days of Wolfenstein. A few classes, a few weapons, and then its just about who can kill more.

    Ignoring helicopters and the such, the best way to stay alive are the following

    1. Know the map inside and out. The game has been out long enough that the 12 year old kids that spend 24 hours a day on it, have located all camp spots, and have become effective spawn campers. One game I was in was on firing range, and my team kept spawning in the tunnel, directly in front of the opening between the two camp towers. They sat every member of their team there, and just continuously shot us as we spawned. That game ended like 7500-800. Ridiculous.

    2. Get a laggy connection. I have seen reports that how COD balances slow connection is by registering their packets first. I dont know if this is the reason, but VERY often you will seemingly shoot a person a dozen times in the head, and you will die. When you look at the kill cam, you are just standing there doing nothing, while a guy with his connection icon blinking pumps you full of lead. It happens way too frequently in this game.

    I agree with you on one point you made, why players with similiar skill levels arent matched. I should be playing other people with similiar kill/death ratios. Putting me against these FPS obsessed 10 year olds with K/D ratios of 2 to 1 or better is just making me frustrated. Im not the best player, that is true, but consistently losing is fun for nobody, and will quickly make marginal players put down the game.

    Additionally, the team balancing code (if there is any), is also broken. I have been on countless teams where I am the best player on my team, which is sad, and my team loses by like 4000 points. The bad thing is, you could have already predicted that outcome from the start screen, thats how bad the team sorting system is.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^ Seconded, The best way to stay alive is be aware of whats going on, dont run around like a madman but dont go too slow lokk around corners before you walk round them and watch your back ues your flashbangs and frags where you can, most of the people who are 3rd prestege have far too much time on thier hands, i would also suggest investing in a turtle beach headset the sound qulaity is much better since i got mine ive never been snuck up on.

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