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how does a PS3 play ps2 games if it has a bluray drive not a standard DVD drive?


I’ve always been told that the ps3 can not read standard DVDs because bluray is non compatible but then it confuses me. how can a ps3 play standard ps2 games if ps2 games are not in bluray?
I guess i just heard alot of rumors and read alot of the wrong stuff i was always reading or told about how bluray cant do standard DVDs because the lense reads differently but nevermind

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  1. The 20, 60, and 80 GB versions of the PS3 do have backwards compatibility, but the 120,160,250, and 320 GB models don’t. I’ve also heard that there’s some lag and graphical issues with certain games and others won’t even play at all. If you look on the back(or the front) of the PS3 box it should say if it’s backwards compatible or not. Either way, just keep your PS2, you’re bound to save more money that way.

  2. For future reference, all Blu-ray drives are compatible with DVDs, CDs and a lot of other disc based formats (though this depends on the product).

    A good Blu-ray player will also have a DVD upscaler, which will let you upscale the DVD to 1080i/p – 720i/p, which will make the image look much better on a HDTV, the PS3 also includes a pretty sweet DVD upscaler.

    Who on earth told you the PS3 couldn’t play DVDs? I know I wouldn’t have one if it couldn’t play them.

  3. PS3’s can play standard dvd’s but can’t play ps2 games (the newer models) because i think sony removed a chip from the fat ps3s in order to play them

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