Home Playstation Forum how do you fix the ps3 not reading games?

how do you fix the ps3 not reading games?


I just bought a 60gb ps3. it didn’t accept disks at first but i fixed that. Now it doesn’t read the disk that i put in. it just keeps loading. It also doesn’t load ps home or game demos. when i go to them its just a black screen. everything else works though(the videos and music and pics from the hard drive also work) I restored the device and hard drive still nothing. Is there anything else I can do?(really don’t want to spend more money to get it fixed)

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  1. You will need to have your laser replaced.If you have no warranty Sony will do it for $150 dollars. If you do have a warranty you will not have to pay Sony anything because they will fix it.

    If you have no warranty and you would like to fix it yourself here is a chart so you know what laser you will need because there are two different ones.

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    Here is how you would do that job.This is a tutorail on youtube

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