Home Playstation Forum Hi I need help on a playstation 3 purchase?

Hi I need help on a playstation 3 purchase?


Hi all looking to buy a ps3 slim for my fiancé I seen a good deal on play.com but when it was giving a description it said ps3 slim 320gb hdd. My question is what does hdd mean? Any help appreciated thanks

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  1. Dunno, but don’t click the link above me. She put the same link on my question and it seems to be something stupid like a virus or the likes.

  2. HDD means Hard Disk Drive, most people just say Hard Drive.

    The size of the Hard Drive, or HDD, is the amount of memory that is available. The bigger the HDD, the more memory available.

    Just so you know, the PS3 can have the HDD upgraded to a larger size without effecting the warranty, as long as the same type of HDD is used (2.5″ Sata 5400RPM HDD).

  3. As you can see HDD stands for hard disk. Generally the more the better.

    On these game consoles there are now facilities to download films either to rent (the stop playing after a certain date), or own. each of these films can be large e.g one in high definition can be 6 gb. So if you have 320gb hard drive thats going to hold a lot in the future.

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