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help!xbox live , and comcast!?


this is what i do , i turn on m xbox, then walk over to the modem and, unplug the cord that goes to the computer and plug in the xbox cord, than i restart the modem, and it dose not work , what am i doing wrong? ive got it to work before, earlier this year it worked all the time, than i stopped getting on, what am i doing wrong?also when i push test connection, it says unable to identify the ip address.what do i do

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  1. you need to let the modem reset. when you shut it off it restarts. give it some time to reboot and give it another go,

    can you get on the internet on a computer hooked to the same modem?

    the problem might be with your internet cable. also try what xbox suggests with troubleshooting

  2. If you have Vista then use this link: [url is not allowed].

    But if you don’t then just go on google.com and then type down” How to find Ip address on”.

    Basically your Ip address code must of changed and your 360 may not getting the right connection. You can find it on on your computer. Once you find it, just put the address into your 360.

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