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Halo Reach on Xbox 360?



I want to get some new games for Xmas and i was thinking of getting Halo Reach but people have said to me that its rubbish and boring is this true.



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  1. Did you love halo 3 and halo 2? if you did your probably going to be disappointed in halo reach. But if you were like a level 30 or below in halo 3 then youll probably like it.

  2. Halo Reach is a great game. The online experience rocks and the campaign which you can play by yourself or online with other players is good too. If you enjoyed playing the other Halo games in the past then most likely you will enjoy Halo Reach.

  3. in a way they are right, the story part of the game is just way to short, and straight froward, not much to do outside of the story line, except multiplayer online fire fights and i tell you that gets boring quick

  4. Get it!

    It is my 2nd favorite game of all time. (Behind Red Dead Redemption)

    Amazing Graphics, great multiplayer options, and an awesome story-line.

    Not at all boring or ‘rubbish.’

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