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Does the xbox 360 still have lots of problems?


If I were to buy an xbox 360 PRO ( the 60GB one) I hear there is a jasper mother board with smaller GPU or something, which would lower the rate of over heating. Is this true? How long could I play my xbox for if I was playing it in my basement, which is the coolest place in my house.

Also do the xbox 360’s with Lite On drives still scratch game discs?

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  1. I play my xbox constantly all day and RROD is not a problem. But just in case I put some lego bricks at the corners of the base of the 360 to get air underneath and I keep it pretty ventalated.

    The disc scratching is only a problem if you move the xbox while the disc is spinning. Keep it flat and don’t move it and it will be fine.

    I got my 360 at Nov 08 and since then there have been a few slight improvements so I’d recommend and Xbox 360 premium (pro/60GB)

  2. I read they fixed the RROD problem. If that is the problem you mean. I don’t know of any other problem. Just keep it in a cool area, your basement sounds good. I play mine non-stop in my room. I have it set on some stand though so it keeps the air flowing.

    The discs only get scratched if you move your xbox with the disc in.

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