Home Playstation Forum does it matter were i buy it?

does it matter were i buy it?


does it matter were i buy my ps3

like well it differ if i buy it in gamestop, bestbuy

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  1. If you’re buying it brand new, then no. The retail price is the same in every store, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Gamestop, etc.

    Some places may have special deals from the store itself, however, to get you to buy one from them. I heard Wal-Mart throws in a game or offers some discount for purchasing a PS3 from them. Dell.com offers a small discount when getting a PS3 online from them.

  2. other than a few dollars there is no real difference. i bought mine at best buy and my friend bought his at a game stop

  3. It does not really matter if u r looking 2 save some money i would go 2 game stop because game stop just sells games and systems but bestbuy sells electronics. like ipods, tvs, and dvds.

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