Home Playstation Forum Does any know of a possible PS3 pricedrop this holiday?

Does any know of a possible PS3 pricedrop this holiday?


Since the 360 just droped down to $199, is the PS3 planning a pricedrop too? If so, how much?

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  1. No. The PS3 basically just “dropped” prices in August when they made it so the 40GB PS3 was canceled for $399 and they replaced it with an 80GB for $399. The Price didn’t really drop, but you get more space for the same price.

    In November, the new 160GB PS3 is coming out for $499. It seems expensive, but it also comes with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and PAIN. I know it’s still kind of expensive but when you think about last year it was $499 for an 80GB with 1 game. So, it’s not really a price drop, but you get more stuff with the system now.

  2. no there isn’t. The new 40 gb that came out was the cheapest and also have the 80gb which i believe 399.00

    but i heard that there is an possible 160gb coming out. not fully sure

  3. Eventually PS3 will not drop the price like Xbox360.Instead it launched 80GB Core system which the price is same as 40GB($399) because 40GB was discontinued.

  4. Kaz Hirai (SCEI president) officially stated that there won’t be any price drops in what’s left of 2008.

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