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Disconnect from Xbox live when I start up a game?


When I start a game when I am on Xbox live, it dissconects me from Xbox live straight away. When I am at the main menu of the game I try to sign back in but it says “connection to Xbox live lost please sign in again” so I sign in again and it says the same thing. Then I go back to the dashboard and it connects me straight away. Now I tried about 4 games all different while Xbox live is on but the problem still goes on. Can somebody please help

Thanks 😉

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  1. You should try updating your games, the same thing happened to me once, but it was just an update, si I eould sugest to download any available updates your games have. Good Luck Bro!!

  2. Most likely you have an XBOX game not an XBOX 360 game!

    Yeah, Microsoft has removed the ability to play original Xbox games online through some sort of update.

  3. This may be happening because you are using a wifi. The bandwidth may be divided to a large no. Of devices like your phone,tablet,laptop etc. just turn off these devices and their wifi(on smartphones).if it doesn’t work then switch off your wifi for a minute and turn it back on. Reading your problem i think it is mainlybecause of multiple devices being connected to wifi.

  4. Try updating your games.

    This happened to me earlier as well though, with BF3. I got signed back in, but still. It’s up-to-date, so I guess Live is just screwing up.

    To update your games, clear the hard drive cache and then run your games. You should get an update prompt.

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