Home Playstation Forum Cod 3 mods/mod menu Ps3? no jailbreak?

Cod 3 mods/mod menu Ps3? no jailbreak?


i had bought the game today and it sucks so can i download mods without a jailbreak on the ps3?

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  1. mods won’t make a sucky game good , it makes it easier to kill players that don’t cheat sure but till is the same game.

    it is a violation of the online code of conduct to use any mods , cheats , glitches etc. on ps3 online games and you can be ( and should be ) banned if you do cheat , yes ,you can get hacked game saves but that will get you banned so don’t do it

    if you think the game sucks buy a game you like , I don’t like this so I think I’ll just cheat instead? that’s pretty lame in my opinion and cheaters are what makes these games unliked by so many – real gamers use skill , they don’t cheat.

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