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Christmas present question.?


got a present but it is still wrapped. it is either a DVD or a Video game. I think I might be getting a Xbox 360 game system. I compared it to my wii game case and ps2 game case and also a dvd case and it is slightly bigger than all of them. My question is, is a xbox 360 game case bigger than the wii and ps2 and so on?

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  1. unwrap it, then wrap it all up again without ripping any of the wrapping paper. and look for a wrapped box that is about 7″ by about 17″ inches. that is how big my xbox 360 box was when i got my 360.

  2. Dude, just wait till Christmas, i asked for an X-Box 360 gaming system to. Dude i have ADD and if i can wait i think you can to. Just let it be a surprise.

  3. actually the xbox game cases are slightly bigger.

    then the wii and ps2 game cases.

    and btw i doubt anyone will get you a ps2 game since the system is out dated.

    i compared my wii case to my xbox case and the xbox one is bigger.

    not my like length or height but by width. or thickness.

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