Home Playstation Forum can you play ps2 games on a ps3?

can you play ps2 games on a ps3?


my ps2 just recently broke and i have a ton of top name games like madden 10 and nba lave 10. i was wondering if i bought a ps3, if i would still be able to play those game on the ps3.

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  1. hi ya yes is the answers follow this linnk for more in for its on yahoo answers!!

    [url is not allowed].

    hope this helps

    by the way i did the reserch myself im getting a ps3 or and xbox 360 what do u think is the best

    180 pounds for ps3 40gb or 80gb cant remeber cod mw1 and 2

    139.99 for the xbo360 plus 40 for live?

    mail me on

    [email is not allowed]

  2. 3 models of PlayStation 3 supported the playing of PlayStation 2 games, the original 20GB and 60GB models and the 80GB North American MotorStorm or Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle consoles. All of these consoles though are long discontinued and the price to get one used is above the cost to buy a 120GB Slim PlayStation 3 brand new that doesn’t support the playing of PlayStation 2 games.

    They are also easy to identify as the three models that supported playing PlayStation 2 games all had 4 USB ports on the front, all other models only have 2 USB ports and are incompatible with PlayStation 2 games and even it the 3 models that did support playing back PS2 games, the 80GB MotorStorm/Metal Gear console could only play back 70-80% of PS2 games due to emulation being used to simulate the PS2 CPU where the 20GB and 60GB had the PS2 CPU inside them, hence they had over 95% compatibility with PS2 games.

    My advice would be to just buy another PlayStation 2, as it’s far more safe than buying a used PlayStation 3 without a warranty whatsoever.

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