Home Playstation Forum Can using cheats on Mercenaries 2 damage the game and Ps3?

Can using cheats on Mercenaries 2 damage the game and Ps3?


Thats wat my friend told me and im not sure to use cheats, after i finish the game.

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  1. Your friend is a dumb@ss (no offense). The cheats are built into the game by the developer themselves. Saying it will damage the game or PS3 is like saying cars are programmed to display Service Engine lights after certain mileage (also ludicrous).

  2. It wont damage the PS3 itself but some cheats can corrupt the save game data for that game. Many of the cheats are in the game because the Dev’s need way to gain thing s fast so that they can test different things. However these cheats ware not meant to be used during normal play, and sometime cause the game to do do unexpected things.

  3. it won’t damage the game nor your ps3, its because the developers made those cheats on purpose

    Why? its because developers don’t want to look like fools when they get “owned” while they are trying to show/demo the game(so for example its like when games are showed during E3 the developers don’t want to get owned while they are trying to show off the game)

  4. Actually if you believe that you will believe anything of course it doesn’t you were probably the one who thought it was broken since you keep thumbing down the correct answers.

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