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Best Wireless Headset for XBOX 360?


I’m not looking for a wireless headset that are like headphones as with the ones from Turtle Beach. I hate the crappy Microsoft one. Also, what really annoys me is that I wear mine on the left ear, so the XBOX 360 logo on the side is upside down. I’d really appreciate any help! Thanks!

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  1. turtle beach is good but it is not true wireless you still have a wire going from the headset to your controller and dont get skull candy those suck so much look in to Tritton

  2. Well I hate to tell you but Turtle Beach headsets are the pinnacle of gaming headsets. As for other headsets or wireless mics you will be hard pressed to find anything similar to the Microsoft version since you do not what the “headphone” type. Hate to say it you are pretty much SOL sorry.

  3. There is no good quality wireless headset. the official microsoft one is terrible. I would really recommend a Turtle beach.

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