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banned xbox360?


how much should i sell my banned xbox360 for i think 150$

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  1. If it has been banned, then it is ALMOST worthless. When the counsel has been banned, it means nobody can log into it. In order to play games of any kind, whether it’s singleplayer or multiplayer, you must be logged in. The only value a banned Xbox-360 has is recycle value. You might be able to take it apart, do some crazy things, and sell some parts or take something like the processor and install it into a computer. I don’t know.

    You cannot sell the Xbox-360 for a high price. If you were thinking of selling it on Ebay, then you cannot put it under “Used” or “New”. You must put it under “Broken or for other parts” or whatever it says.

    Start an auction off at $0.99 and see what you get. Or you can put it up for sale at about $50 to $75. Ebayers such as myself have the option to make you an offer if they think you’re price is not fair.

    The Hard Drive is worth something as well as the Accessories, Processor, etc.

  2. Well, it depends on the condition of the banned xbox if its fair 100$ if its good 150-200$ poor 50-100$

  3. You can sell it for $400-$500. People are always looking for banned xbox’s. They are in short supply especially among hackers. Some hackers have paid $8000 for banned special edition Xbox 360s.

  4. Have fun trying to sell a banned Xbox for $150. Banned Xbox’s are worthless (as said by a previous answer) Who would want to by a banned Xbox? (other than modders) Simple answer, NO ONE!

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