Home Playstation Forum A few questions regarding the Playstation 3?

A few questions regarding the Playstation 3?


I plan to buy the PS3 with these accessories:

HDMI cable

Extra controller

Does the extra controller come with a USB cable? If not, I will buy the HDMI cable with the USB cable combo.

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  1. No it does not, but you don’t need a cable for each controller. Just use the same one for all your controllers. Hell, I have THREE PS3 controllers and only one USB cable.

  2. the extra controller won’t include a charge cable but it can use the same cable included with the ps3 to charge the controller it came with – and any usb to mini usb cable will work ( you might already have one with a camera or mp3 player )

    also any hdmi cable will work but look to see it supports either hdmi 1.3 or 1.4.

    if you want a great deal on the second controller look for the combo packs that include a game for $5 more – they’re all excellent games and well worth the extra $5 cost.

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