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I need a way or a program to extract audio from an Xbox 360 disc.?


The game is the “Orange Box”. I want to extract audio from “Portal”. If there is a way to get the audio without the disc, I’ll gladly accept that answer as well. Thanks.

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  1. Well, probably the easiest way to do it is if you have a decent pc, buy “Portal” from Valve. Then get a decent program to record sound while you are playing and voila, there you have it. With just a 360, I would say you just need a good sound system and some good recording equipment. You could even record it to your pc if the pc and 360 were close enough.

    Other than that, I am sure if you dig around enough, you will find this audio available on the internet somewhere. As much as everyone loved the computer voice in that game, I would imagine it wouldn’t be hard that to find.

    Infact, check out this link I just found.

    [url is not allowed]

    Looks like the full audio from Glados. Enjoy!

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